Our Policies

HA Web Design Platform (HJ Store) policies are going to be as follow but are subject to change as we are going forward for securities reasons. Let’s make life easier to our buyers for the benefit of our country. We are willing to improve marketing strategies. If you are happy, clients are happy than we are also happy.

  1. All suppliers would fill application form for us to advertise their products on our platform.
  2. Supporting documents required according to the application form.
  3. All suppliers should deliver their goods on time to avoid clients complain.
  4. Suppliers should sell goods according to their products descriptions.
  5. We will intervene between buyers and suppliers where is possible whenever there is a problem between them.
  6. If the buyer has a problem with a particular supplier, supplier must solve their differences before we intervene.
  7. We are not going to advertise any product of a supplier that has outstanding fees.
  8. If the client is willing to make payment to us so that the supplier will come get the money from us, we will accept that without any problem.
  9. Suppliers must treat clients with respect and listen to clients complain because in business clients are always right.
  10. If supplier provides fake products that didn’t mention on our platform product description and customers try to claim their money back, than supplier must commit to refund the money back to the buyers. If the description is on the platform than no refund will be processed.
  11. Suppliers should able to commit to our policies.
  12. If the supplier not willing to adhere to our policies, we will not hesitate to remove that seller on our platform for the safeness of our platform buyers.
  13. We want all our platform suppliers to be trusted so that we will work together as a team, we just want the best to all our platform users.